Pageant Phases of Competition:
 Competitions are scored on a scale of 1 through 10 using whole numbers only.

  • Interview – 35%
    • Suggested wardrobe: a simple dress or pantsuit that would be appropriate  for a job interview.
  • Talent – 35% (Talent must not exceed 90 seconds)
    • Suggested wardrobe: An outfit that represents your talent and that you feel comfortable performing in.
  • Red Carpet Wear– 15%
    • Suggested wardrobe: A formal outfit of your choosing that makes you feel beautiful and that you can comfortably walk in. 
  • On-Stage Interview/Social Impact Pitch – 15%
    • You will wear your a simple outfit that will fit our theme, it may be your interview outfit, etc.  You will be given ample opportunity to prepare.
    • On-Stage Questions will be based on your interview.  You will recite your social impact statement live on the microphone​.

Step 4: Attend mandatory competition orientation on January 28, 2023 from 3:00p to 6:00p at the Cambridge YWCA,​ 7 Temple St, Cambridge, MA 02139.  Please contact if there are attendance questions, issues, or concerns. 

Step 5: Attempt to sell one ad for the program book.

Preparation Tip:

​​Talent Music Accompaniment Information!
Remember you must keep your talent at 90 seconds or less. We highly recommend that you utilize a professional background accompaniment track  rather than attempting to "cut and paste." This is especially important for vocalists. You should search the music catalog companies for pre-cut musical  accompaniment tapes. There are excellent music companies that cater to talent and pageant competitions, producing popular songs at 90 seconds. We have included their web links below. Make sure you order the correct time as the companies have both original tracks and edited versions down to the 90 seconds. They are very economical and can change the key to accommodate your vocal range. Make sure that you ask the Local Director what format  you should submit for your music. Musical Creations also allows for MP3 files to be downloaded off their  site for an economical /


Follow these steps to become the next Miss Boston and Miss Cambridge!

Applications are OPEN NOW.

Step 1: Please complete the Miss America Program Registration.  Registration costs $35.00 and is a one-time fee for that Local Competition season. This fee goes directly to the Miss America Scholarship Fund.

You will then be asked to complete the “Local Competition Registration” page where you will then be able to choose "Miss Boston/Cambridge" (or some variation) as your option.  Local Competition Registration is $75.00 and is a single-competition fee that goes directly to the Miss Massachusetts Scholarship Fund.

Step 2: Candidates will need to prepare the following competition documents and submit with the CONTRACT  by February 5, 2023:

  •  Resume         
  •  Social Impact Initiative Pitch  
  •  Recent Headshot (at least 1000x1000 pixels)
  •  Talent music - mp3 file (if applicable)

Step 3: Contestants will also need to complete the Candidate Contract and bring along all supporting documents in a folder or envelope to Orientation.

Miss Boston Scholarship Competition

Applications for the 2023 Miss Boston/Cambridge Scholarship Competition are CLOSED!!!

Becoming Miss Boston or Miss Cambridge is a prestigious and once-in-a-lifetime experience. We welcome returning contestants as well as new young ladies interested in scholarship and community service opportunities. Our program has a legacy of success in the community as well as at the Miss Massachusetts pageant.  As we move into our 10th season under this leadership team, we celebrate  the 18 young women who have held one of those titles:

Competitive highlights include:

Miss Boston 2013 Morgan Berg - Top 10

Miss Cambridge 2013 Carrie Sunde - Top 10

Miss Boston 2014 Meagan Fuller - 3rd Runner Up

WINNER - Miss Massachusetts 2015

Miss Cambridge 2014 Michelle Nigro - Top 11 & People's Choice

Miss Cambridge 2015 Samantha Hawkins - 2nd Runner Up & Preliminary Talent Winner 

Miss Boston 2016 Maggie Markham - Top 11

Miss Cambridge 2016 Alissa Musto - Preliminary Talent Winner & Miss America Service Award

WINNER -  Miss Massachusetts 2016

Top 15 Semifinalist at Miss America 2017

Miss Brookline 2017 (title retired) Summer Foley - 1st Runner up & Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Miss Cambridge 2017 Emily Thomas - 2nd Runner Up & MAO Scholarship Winner

Miss Boston 2017 Gabriela Taveras - Top 11 & Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

WINNER -  Miss Massachusetts 2018

4th Runner up to Miss America 2019

Preliminary Interview & Onstage Interview Winner

STEM Scholarship Winner

People's Choice

Miss Boston 2018 Madison Cota - Top 12

Miss Cambridge 2019 Chelsea Vuong - Top 11

Winner - Miss Massachusetts 2023

Miss Boston 2019 Molly Caron - 1st Runner Up

Miss Boston 2020 Kristina Ayanian - 1st Runner Up & Preliminary Red Carpet & Interview Winner 

Miss Cambridge 2020 Elizabeth Pierre - People's Choice, Preliminary Red Carpet & Talent Winner

WINNER - Miss Massachusetts 2021

2nd Runner Up to Miss America 2022

Miss Boston 2022 Cassandra Pinataro - 1st Runner Up, Preliminary Talent Winner

Miss Cambridge 2022 Katrina Kincade - Preliminary Red Carpet & Interview Winner

WINNER - Miss Massachusetts 2022

3rd Top Scholarship Fundraiser in the Class of 2023 for the Miss America Organization

Miss Boston 2022 Arcadia Ewell - Top 10

Miss Cambridge 2022 Abby Riggs - Non-Finalist Talent 

If you are inte